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Vortex Media Workshops, and our sponsors, believe that the need for more educational resources in the high definition ENG/EFP production industry is becoming increasingly important. The standards by which clients, customers, employers, and colleagues judge our work are rising at an ever increasing pace. The complexity and performance capabilities of today's equipment and software was unheard of just a few years ago. Equipment that was once too expensive for individuals to own, is now within almost anyone’s grasp. And these are precisely the reasons why continuing education, even for experienced professionals, is now more important than ever before.


There are many reasons why people choose to attend a Vortex Media Workshop, but everyone receives the same benefits: new skills and knowledge that can improve their earning power. Our workshops provide a real world, serious approach to professional video and television production education. Our objective is to successfully educate and motivate professional image-makers with the technical, artistic and business skills necessary for success.

Using only the most up-to-date technology and real-world standards and processes, our highly experienced and qualified instructors provide the information you need to succeed. Our instructors have decades of production experience in all areas of video/television production, as well as experience producing camcorder training videos, camcorder field guides, and teaching live workshops for many other organizations.


We welcome students from all skill levels. You don’t have worry that you'll be lost in the jargon or won’t understand the technology being taught. Our workshop environment fosters learning, motivation,and camaraderie with your fellow students in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Plus our workshops make a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow professionals from your own area. Although enrollment requirements are not strictly defined, it is recommended that each participant be familiar with the basics of video production techniques, have a basic grasp of grip and lighting terminology, and be familiar with the basics of ENG/EFP camcorder operation. Our workshops will inspire you in ways you will not anticipate.


The primary focus of our 2013 workshops schedule is on interview lighting, producing corporate video, and basic techniques for high-definition production. Our advanced courses on these topics are appropriate for individuals who are passionate about achieving high production values and have the desire to further their production skills and career opportunities.


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